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 Clans to avoid

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Clans to avoid Empty
PostSubject: Clans to avoid   Clans to avoid EmptySun Oct 09, 2011 10:50 pm

This is just a small list of clans that you might want to try and avoid until you get bigger. I am sure that I have missed a few and if anyone knows of new clans let me know and I will update the List. Z
[☣³] - Mutants
₪ - Roving Rebels
4 Horsemen
[ΔЙΔЯCħY] - Anarchy
{ǺЯМG} - Armageddon
[a§ylúm] - Asylum is made up of a bunch of old LCN and OG players.
[Cartel] - Same as tag
[СРБ][SRB] - Serbian Mafia Wars Family
☩ ℭult ☩ - Same as Tag
Delirium - Same as tag....very strong group
[DIECI] - The tenth legion
[DOW] - Dogs of War
DBY - Death Becomes You
|ΣΛĢLΞ| - Garuda Elite
[EWMC] - East West Mafia Connection
=FIJF= - F it Just Fight
|ĢaruÐa| and ★Ģ®Ð★ - Garuda (two tags, same Indo clan)
[HHM] - Heavy Hitters Mafia
[Indomafia] - We have a wartime agreement - Very strong
ILLUMINATI - Same name as their tag
(KillerClown) - The Killer Clowns
LAW - Loyality and Warriors
[LCN] - La Cosa Nostra
[Legion] - Name same as tag
[♠Ŀ2‡ẻ♠] - Loyality to the End
{≍LχM≍} - League of Xtraordinary Mafia
Ψ L¥CAήS Ψ - Lycans
[MIG] - Murder Inc Gangsters
=Misfits= - Same name as tag
[MWI] - Mafia Wars Indonesia
[NB[OG] - New Breed Original Gangsters
[☠OG☠] - Original Guardians. There are skull and cross bones on both sides of OG in the tag.
~ORCUS~ - Same as Tag
[Ψ] - Poseidon
QRF - Quick Reaction Force
[ЯK] - Rightous Killers
[RX] - Racer X
[ЯƤɧ] - Riding a Pale Horse (We have a wartime agreement)
[Я|Y|ƒ|G] or [RYfG] - Ruining your F'n Game (this is another clan that if you don't know who they are, you need to start taking some MW classes. The Admin have a ton of Respect for this group. They have a couple members that help look after our hands off. You wouldn't win anyway. Trust me)
≍SECT≍ - Not sure what it stands anyone?
TM - I'm also unsure of the name of this group. I know that TM stands for trademark (but I'm sure they have a different meaning behind it), and this groups symbol is small, not normal you will see a small "trademark" looking symbol next to their names. Stay away, very strong clan. I believe it stands for The Mafia.....but that's a guess
SSC - Shitty Shoe Clan
[ώŗąтћ] - Name same as tag

I advise that you stay away from all of these tags and do not hitlist them......they'll just gain exp points and pound on you more. If you would like links to any of their pages so you can watch them fight, let me know. And let me are not banned from attacking these tags if they are on the fightlist (but I do strongly discourage you from attacking Delirium or RYfG). This is information to let you know who you are up against, and to discourage you from things like hitlisting them, tag team attacking or asking your mafia to attack.
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Clans to avoid
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