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     Fighting Guidelines / War Help

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    Fighting Guidelines / War Help Empty
    PostSubject: Fighting Guidelines / War Help   Fighting Guidelines / War Help EmptySun Oct 09, 2011 10:42 pm

    Please take the time to read through this. You will benefit and learn to fight better if you read it and apply the knowledge when we are fighting.


    Hi {ÏĴÅĢ}this FG is to help our clan fight better as a unit and with less time of you being iced or down

    These are a few things that we {ÏĴÅĢ} Admin and I have picked up along the way as we have had many wars with a few different clans now. We will also show you a few of the tricks we have learned during our battles.

    Here are our 7 starter tips for fighting in a war.

    (1) When you get the war list go into it healed, go down the links for the levels in your range and select the people that are dead (via the hit-list method, see # 2) and attack them one time, make a note on the ones you can beat. If you hit someone when they are dead it will not show up in their player updates and they won’t even know that they've been hit. Now that you know who you can and can't beat, open a new tab for that person you can beat and do that for up to ten other “beatable” targets

    (2) To see who is up and ready to be attacked check the "Add to Hit List button" to check their status without using stamina. After you hit the "Add to Hitlist" button, DO NOT place them on the hitlist! If a box opens where you can place an amount to put them on the hitlist it means that they are alive. If you get a message that says, the player is too weak to place on the hitlist, that person is dead.

    (3) Once you have your beatable player tabs open, now open another tab on your home page, and keep this tab open because it is your “heal tab.” The one you will go to all the time to heal without disturbing your attack player tabs.

    (4) Now out of the ten tabs that you have open, let’s say five of them are dead and too weak to fight but the other 5 are up.

    (5) Now heal and attack the five fast, but don't post anything yet, hit, kill/ice each of them. Let the “opponent ICED” post stay up on their web tab so you can copy and paste it later when you post their status in the next step.

    (6) Now go and post all five ices and kills at once on our page, hopefully WHILE YOUR HEALTH IS STILL UNDER 20 - that way you are not getting attacked while posting and you have hit your five targets real fast. Then while your health is under 20 you can check out our Skype page to see what’s going on. Try to use your health for attacks. Don’t let your opponent have it for their ICE.

    (7) The {ÏĴÅĢ} Admin and I expect all posts on the fan page to be cuss free and polite. We have learned very quickly that you can gain some very good and powerful friends from war. We wouldn't have made those friends if we would have acted like jackasses to them.


    1> Never use the hit list or ask mafia to attack in war. If you think you need these or even to kamikaze a player to ice then pass them to a stronger team member to ice. If you are worried about the ask mafia to attack button.. before you fight go to the fight list and pick someone small and hit the ask mafia to attack there don't post it just get rid of the box now you have 1-2 hours of ask mafia to attack free fighting. Used to be 24 hrs. but it was changed..So still keep an eye on it. It will pop back up before you know it.

    2> Always use the hit list button to see if the person you are attacking is up or down.
    saves your stamina that way

    3> Always use the heal button when you're playing, we are not a hiding clan, we are a fighting one. If your are on ice all the time post link in our Skype - someone can help

    4> NEVER accept a friend request when you are in a war.. You don’t know who they are. Wait till after it's over.

    5> When a cease fire is called by our GF / GM then that means STOP ATTACKING.. Do not attack and do not ice if you are attacked after a cease fire is called then pass the links over to our GM / GF as you will still get stragglers. Happens to me all the time.

    6> Try to have 10 GF points spare in a REAL war not a mock one, if you need, you can re-stamina yourself and carry on fighting, I only use this option in a real war,

    7> We are a team. There is no "i" in team, we must work as one. This does not mean in the first 15 mins the whole clan blows all their stamina and then we are sitting ducks, it means we work as a team and fight hard around the clock in that way we fight smarter. We will fight in shifts especially when we are a global clan like others are, it will be easy.

    8> Don't worry that you just been iced by a player 300 levels above you, it is war. Pass their link off so they can be iced by our stronger players or a stronger alliance player.

    9> Please everyone make sure you bank all your money in all cities before start of the war.
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    Fighting Guidelines / War Help
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