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 How to Build a better fighter

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PostSubject: How to Build a better fighter   Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:35 pm

{ÏĴÅĢ} the Icebox
This list is a bit out of date and will be updated but here is a place to start.

Here is a basic guide to building your stats, many players make the mistake of allocating their skill points incorrectly and one of the most common mistakes players make is to put most of their skill points into energy in an effort to level up quickly and rush through the game, but there is no point in being level 500 if you are loosing more fights that you win.

So what is a good win lose ratio….well 80 – 20 is great, if you are winning 80% or more of your fights then you probably don’t need to be reading this.
The two most important factors of having a strong Mafia Wars Character are your attack and defense points and the weapons you use to fight.

Ideally you want to have your attack and defense at least double your level so if you are a level 100 then you should have 200 attack and 200 defense or more, there is some benefit to having your defense 10 to 20 % higher than your attack.

Weapons…having the right weapons is the other crucial factor, when you fight in Mafia Wars the game uses your best weapons, that’s the weapons that have the highest attack and defense values first. All of the best weapons come from doing jobs, eg. An attack weapon such as Canonazo comes from the Loot The National Museum job in the El Cacique tier and a defense weapon such as the Gaff Hook comes from the Pillage A Shipyard job in the El Jefe tier. So my point is that you can’t buy these weapons in inventory, you have to loot them from specific jobs and now with the release of Moscow there are new top weapons with higher attack and defense values which replace the top weapons you get in Cuba.

There are 3 categories, Weapons, Armor and Vehicles. Each of these categories have a top item on both sides of attack and defense, so for example in the category of Weapons there is a top weapon for attacking and a top weapon for defending. This is the same in the Armor and Vehicle categories also.

The idea is that you need to get 501 of the best weapons for each of the 3 categories.
Example -
Weapons –
Attack – 501 Canonaza
Defense – 501 Gaff Hooks

Armor –
Attack – 501 G/Squads
Defense – 501 Camouflage Body Armor

Vehicles –
Attack – 501 Track Loaders
Defense – 501 Armored State Cars

Keep in mind that this example of top Cuban Weapons, Armor and Vehicles has now been surpassed by new Russian Weapons, Armor and Vehicles and no doubt once Bangkok is released there will be items with even higher attack and defense values.

Ok so again the two key points that you want to work on if you want to become strong are put your skill points into attack and defense until they are double whatever your current mafia wars level is, once you have your attack and defense at around double your level or more all you have to do is maintain that at a minimum.

Try to acquire 501 of those top weapons for the 3 categories mentioned earlier
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How to Build a better fighter
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