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John General Murtagh Practice
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 Battles and wars

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PostSubject: Battles and wars   Tue Oct 11, 2011 12:09 am

Fighting, Mock and Wars
By Blue Bay · Last edited on Friday · Edit Doc · Delete
Being in a Clan/ Family there will be times when you will be required to take part in these family activities. Fighting is a great way to over all improve your stats .

Just wanted to touch on a couple important elements. As a Family, your decision could potentially have a negative effect upon your family. With a few simple rules, we can all enjoy fighting while protecting our family.

Check your Player Updates. It is not abnormal to be attacked, in fact it is part of the game. The stronger you become, the more you will be attacked. The Higher your Health, The more clicks it takes to ice you. If you see where you have been attacked 99 times, so long as it all happened within a couple minute attack, it is normal. If you see though where the same player has hit you , several times through out the day, evening and night. Then apparently there is a issue. You should immediately screen shot this information and get in touch with your Admins. They are their to help. Do not take matters into your own hands. Being part of a family means, your actions will definitely have a impact on others.
Battles: There will be times when other groups/ clans, contact the Admins and request a One Hour Battle. If there are enough of us online, we accept this challenge. You should check your MW Family Page and if the group icon is outlined in Red, you know there is a active battle, go to Family Page and Click JOIN Battle. Being part of a family means taking part in Family Activities. Once the Battle begins, or if you join in late, You will see the ones to attack, you should ideally only attack those who are in the battle with you. However, like in yesterdays Battle with DEA, They had other members of their Family attacking us who were not listed in the battle. We don't play like that. It's a cheap shot. In situations such as that, Feel Free to white list their entire clan and let the good times roll. You can feel free to ice anyone that attacks during this battle. However, Once the Battle ends, and if you see where you are still being hit. You immediately post the attack in the Cooler and you wait for Admin(s) to decide a course of action. It may simply be a breach in communication with other clan, or it could be defiance. Either way, We need to wait and allow the Admins to do their Jobs. If they give you the "GO", then Ice, Ice, Snuff, Snuff and Show no Mercy. Either way on all this. Make sure you are Respectful. This game is about Respect, and Honor. Listen to your Admins. Don't go on your own personal agenda as your actions can cause a actual war to result.
Now get out there and have some fun. lol.......

Much Respect.....
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Battles and wars
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