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    PostSubject: Tips and tricks   Tips and tricks EmptyMon Oct 10, 2011 4:59 pm


    I feel the need to discuss in great length the importance and meaning of " What being in a Clan Family means".

    When you click the Join Clan button, You are not simply joining a group to post War Help, Missions, Operations and Ask for Parts or Loot.... While we will always help our own, and look out for those who need assistance, it is much deeper than this.

    Being part of a Clan Family means, Assisting others in Jobs, Wars, Missions, and Operations. Asssisting your Family in the Boss Fights, Assisting in Family Battles etc. It is simply more than just upgrading your New York Properties and seeking help to complete a war for your mission.

    Boss Fights:
    Each day when you sign on, you should go to the Boss Fight(s), Whether or not your choose to Fight the Boss, You can click the Help Buttons on the Left to Help your Family. Each day, I see the same people hitting on the bosses. If they don't have help, ie. Rage Rebuffs, etc. it takes more stamina for them and they get less damage. It is essential for all Family members to click those help buttons and click the request for help buttons. This will help your family take out the bosses. BTW. Everyone should be fighting the bosses. You can get great loot. There are Families now that are taking these bosses out three a day. Being part of this family it is a requirment that we see you helping. If you don't know how to Fight in the Boss Fights send me a Private Message or post under this Post and I will get with you and walk you through it.

    Family Battles
    Family Battles are part of the New Zynga ( Mafia Wars). Your admins contact other Clan Families that are within our abilitiy to fight and we request a Battle , the battles last for " One Hour", it is fun, and it is a great way to increase your stats and get experience in fighting. You also meet some great clans, and more important, you are Helping your family. Once again, if you don't understand the Battles, Contact me or Post and I will walk your through it.

    Operations, Missions, Parts help etc.......
    As a family, there are certain perks you get. When you need help with Wars, Missions, Property Upgrades etc. You can go right into the cooler and post. We want to help all family members. However, Some are posting for help and yet we never see them help. Just know your admins are watching. If you are going to post for help, then be willing to help others. After all, This is what being part of a family is all about.


    In Closing..... Being part of a family means Helping others and Helping your family. Each day you should be doing jobs, fighting, assisting in the family boss fights. If all you are doing is robbing, this is not helping your family nor is it helping you. It is important to do all things as it helps increase your stats. By helping yoru family , fighting, helping and doing jobs, you help your family increase on the Family Boards which will give you experience points. However, if you don't help, we all get less experience.


    There are changes coming.... For the better. We are a warring/ fighting family. Your Admins, ( Keith, Ree, Shawn, Black Wicca and Mike) are all very experienced players. They have all been involved in Wars that were just for fun and Wars that lasted for days if not weeks. They are willing to help you. They want the best for this family. They are all constantly taking their time, and doing all they can so they we all can enjoy being part of this family. ( Much Respect and Thanks to all the Admins) and Future Officers.

    If you have any questions about this, ASK!!!!!!!!! If you don't and your understand ... Click the LIKE Button so we know you understand.

    Much Respect

    Mafia Wars Fans Health Point.

    Daily E Mail Bonus.

    3 Free Lucky Stash Spins. ..
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    Tips and tricks
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